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Congratulations on your pregnancy. You are approaching a special and exciting time, which could also be quite stressful. Your health care insurer will reimburse two ultrasounds from the basic insurance during the pregnancy. It could occur that your midwife or gynaecologist finds it necessary for you to undergo another extra ultrasound. For example to check the growth or position of your baby. You are also more than welcome at Ultrasound Centre SAM& for medical ultrasounds.

What is a medical ultrasound?

A medical ultrasound is a professional ultrasound for medical reasons. During this ultrasound we check if your baby’s heart is beating and if he or she is growing well. We also actively search for possible abnormalities. An ultrasound is performed internally (vaginally) or externally (via the abdominal wall). Which way is chosen depends on the duration of your pregnancy and the purpose of the ultrasound. Of course you can watch on the screen and you get a few pictures to take home.

What about the costs and reimbursement?

During your pregnancy you will be offered the term ultrasound (between 10 and 12 weeks), the ETSEO (13-week) and the 20 week ultrasound. If your midwife or gynaecologist refers you for an extra medical ultrasound, you will also be reimbursed by your health care insurer. Is there no medical indication but you would still like to see your baby a little more often? Why not consider a 2D or 3D/4D fun ultrasound at Ultrasound Centre SAM&.

Medical ultrasounds at Ultrasound Centre SAM&

Ultrasound Centre SAM& offers various medical ultrasounds:

Term ultrasound

13 week scan 20 week ultrasound Vitality ultrasound

During this 2D echo we determine how far along you are in your pregnancy. We will also tell you when you are due. We perform the term ultrasound when you are 10-12 weeks pregnant.

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The 13 week anomaly scan is a medical examination to determine if there are any serious physical abnormalities early on in the pregnancy. 

This ultrasound is part of a scientific study in which you can participate after having had a counsiling session with your midwife. 

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At the 20 week ultrasound we check whether there are any structural (physical) anomalies in your unborn baby. In this phase of the pregnancy we can also determine the gender of your child.

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If you have doubts or worries if you have just fallen pregnant, have a vitality ultrasound performed. This 2D ultrasound is usually internal and takes place between the 7th and 10th week of your pregnancy.

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Growth ultrasound Placenta localization Position ultrasound  

Sometimes it is necessary to perform an extra check on the growth of your baby. During this growth ultrasound we carefully measure your unborn child. This ultrasound can take place from the 30th week of your pregnancy.

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If it was established at the 20 week ultrasound that the placenta lies too low, we will perform another check after the 30th week of your pregnancy.

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If during the course of your pregnancy there is doubt about the position of your child, we will perform a position ultrasound after the 30th week. We will then determine exactly how the baby is positioned in your abdomen.

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Professional medical ultrasounds in Amstelveen? Make an appointment right away

Do you have a referral for a medical ultrasound and would you like this performed in Amstelveen? You can go to Ultrasound Centre SAM& in the Amstelland Hospital (route C yellow). Obviously in a calm and relaxed environment. The referrer can send us the request for the examination via our secure system. You can make an appointment yourself by our online calender. 

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