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The 13 week anomaly scan is a medical examination to determine if there are any serious physical abnormalities early on in the pregnancy. The 13 week anomaly scan is similar to the 20 week scan. In both these ultrasound scan the sonographer is examining any possible serious physical abnormalities of the baby. 

Please note that you can only book an appointment for the 13 week scan after you have had the relevant counseling session with your midwife. 

Detailed information regarding this particular examination and study can be found under the following link: https://www.pns.nl/13-wekenecho/


13 week scan

Please note: This study will start on the 1st of september 2021. This ultrasound scan is part of an extensive scientific study. We will only conduct the 13 week scan if you are participating in the IMITAS study. For more detailed information this regarding we would like to refer you to the following website: https://www.pns.nl/13-wekenecho/wetenschappelijke-studie