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Structural (physical) anomaly examinations

If you are pregnant, you will be offered the 20-week ultrasound as well as the term ultrasound. The term ultrasound usually takes place at around 10 weeks. The 20 week ultrasound around the 20th week of the pregnancy. This ultrasound is also known as the structural anomaly ultrasound examination (SEO). Your unborn child is then far enough developed that we can pick up possible structural (physical) anomalies. Luckily, in most of the cases, we do not find any abnormalities. This only happens in about 3 to 4% of the cases. It is however important that we discover this in time so that further examination can take place.

When will you undergo the 20 week ultrasound?

We perform this ultrasound if you are approximately 20 weeks pregnant, at least from the 19th week of your pregnancy. Conducting this investigation is important to notice any abnormalities in time. If follow-up examination is needed, it often takes a lot of time. And if an abnormality comes to light during the 20-week ultrasound, then you naturally need time to make decisions.

What do we look at during the 20 week ultrasound?

The main purpose of the 20-week ultrasound is to look for any structural (physical) abnormalities in your unborn child. We check if:

  • the baby has an open spine
  • the baby has an open skull
  • if there are heart abnormalities
  • your baby is growing well
  • there is sufficient amniotic fluid
  • the placenta is well located

You will receive the result from us during or shortly after the examination. Although in most cases we will not find any abnormalities, you have to take this possibility into account. Also realize that we can see many things during this ultrasound, but that not all abnormalities can be detected. Is there an abnormality visible? Then the ultrasound technician will consult with your midwife or gynaecologist about any further examination. Depending on the abnormality found, your obstetrician or gynaecologist will refer you to the hospital for further examination. We advise you not to bring any other children to the ultrasound. Would you like to be well prepared? Then check out our tips for your appointment at Ultrasound Centre SAM&.

Do you want more information about the 20 week ultrasound? Look on https://onderzoekvanmijnongeborenkind.nl/

Curious about the gender during the 20 week ultrasound?

During this ultrasound we bring your child into a very comprehensive picture. One of the things the ultrasound technician looks at is the genitals. Obviously we would like to know if the development thereof is going well. Would you like to know the gender of your child? You can ask us. Would you like this to remain a surprise? Please inform the ultrasound technician beforehand.

What about the costs and reimbursement?

You do not pay for this 20 week ultrasound. Because it is a medical ultrasound your health care insurer will reimburse this from the basic health care insurance. The 20 week ultrasound takes approximately 40 minutes and is in 2D. At the end of this you will receive two black/white photos. Great for your scrapbook. Would you like to see your baby in 3D/4D? Consider one of our fun ultrasounds.

The 20 week ultrasound in Amstelveen? Make an appointment right away

Would you like a 20 week ultrasound performed in Amstelveen? Then you can go to Ultrasound Centre SAM& in the Amstelland Hospital (route C yellow). Obviously you will be attended to in a calm and relaxed environment. The referrer can send us the request for the examination via our secure system. We will then call you as quickly as possible for an appointment.


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