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How is your baby growing?

When you are pregnant your stomach sets out. When you are a little further along in your pregnancy you may even start feeling your baby move. During the standard offered term ultrasound and the 20 week ultrasound you have even been able to take a look at your unborn child. Your midwife or gynaecologist may suspect that your baby is growing a little too quickly or actually not quickly enough. In that case, he or she will refer you for a growth ultrasound.

When can the growth ultrasound take place?

The growth ultrasound is an external ultrasound and can be performed from the 30th week of the pregnancy. When exactly? Your midwife or gynaecologist will determine this. For the best image we recommend that you come to this examination with a full bladder. Would you like to know more? Then check out our tips for your appointment at Ultrasound Centre SAM&.

What do we look at during the growth ultrasound?

During the growth ultrasound we check the growth of your baby. In addition to accurately measuring the circumference of the head, we also measure the abdominal circumference and the length of the bone in the upper leg. We compare all these measurements with an average unborn baby with the same gestational age. This way we can say something about the growth of your child. We also check how much amniotic fluid the womb contains and check the placenta during this ultrasound. All of this information gives us a good impression of the growth. We only perform the growth check at request of your midwife or gynaecologist.

Already had a growth ultrasound. And now?

Luckily, with most women who undergo a growth ultrasound, nothing is wrong with the baby. Is something however wrong? Then your midwife or gynaecologist will further advise you.

Will a growth ultrasound be reimbursed?

You do not have to pay anything for the growth ultrasound because you only get this ultrasound if there is a medical indication. Your health insurer reimburses the costs for this ultrasound from the basic insurance. You do however need a reference. This growth ultrasound takes about fifteen minutes and is done in 2D. At the end of this you will receive two black/white photos to take home. Would you like to see your baby in 3D/4D? Consider one of our fun ultrasounds.

Would you like a growth ultrasound performed in Amstelveen? Make an appointment right away

Do you have a referral for a growth ultrasound and would you like this performed in Amstelveen? You can go to Ultrasound Centre SAM& in the Amstelland Hospital (route C yellow). Obviously you will be attended to in a calm and relaxed environment. The referrer can send us the request for the examination via our secure system. We will then call you as quickly as possible for an appointment.

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