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Attention for you as a pregnant woman

For our team, the well-being of you and your unborn child is always paramount. We do everything to help you enjoy the ultrasound and make you feel safe. The ultrasound technician will gladly take the time for you, the ultrasound room is soberly furnished to create a relaxed atmosphere. Our practice assistants are also happy to assist you.

Is something the matter? Tell us what’s wrong

It may happen that you are not completely satisfied, despite our good intentions. Do you have questions or doubts? Are you dissatisfied with something? Then tell us, preferably as quickly as possible. Even if it has bothered you for a while, we would love to hear from you. Then we can discuss it together and quickly do something about it. In that case, contact Akke Buursma, the manager of our centre via telephone number 020 - 6400810. You can also always send an e-mail: info@centrumsam.nl. After receiving your question, doubt or complaint, we are happy to make a separate appointment with you, so that we can talk undisturbed and find a solution.

Mediation by the complaints officer

Are you not satisfied with the result of the conversation with the centre manager? Or do you find it difficult to pass on your complaint? Then you can turn to the independent complaints officer. Together with you, he or she will look at the options for handling your complaint properly. The complaints officer also mediates if you have a complaint about an employee. The assistance of a complaints officer is free.

Do you want to submit a complaint to an independent person? Then contact the complaints officer of the STBN via klachtenfunctionaris@stbn.nl.

The disputes committee will review your complaint

Did the mediation of the complaints officer not have the desired result? Then you can submit your complaint to the Healthcare Disputes Committee. This committee also handles claims for damages. You can find more information about this commission, any costs and the complaints procedure on the STBN website.


You can count on us to take your complaint seriously and to treat your information with strict confidentiality. It may be necessary for the investigation of the complaint that the centre manager and/or the complaints officer inspect your medical data. In that case we will ask for your permission. The centre manager and complaints officer have the same confidentiality obligation as your health care providers. We register every complaint. We process the data anonymously in overviews for management and the Director. Your complaint therefore forms an important tool for improving the quality of our care and services.

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