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Congratulations on your pregnancy. A special and particular time is waiting for you. Your belly is getting bigger and your child is moving more and more. Sometimes you feel it may take a long time before you can finally see and hold your baby. Are you curious and do you want a quick peek? This is possible during a fun ultrasound at Ultrasound Centre SAM&

What is a fun ultrasound?

A fun ultrasound is a professional ultrasound, that you have done ‘for fun’. So there is no active search for any abnormalities, which is the case with a medical ultrasound. If we do come across an abnormality, we will of course discuss that with you. Would you like to share this fun moment with others? Then you just bring them with you. The ultrasound technician will explain everything you see on the screen. And afterwards you will receive a number of photos so that you can still enjoy the images at home.

A fun ultrasounds gives you a good feeling

If you are pregnant, you will be offered two medical ultrasounds as standard. Does your midwife or gynaecologist think it is medically necessary to perform an extra ultrasound? Then you will of course receive an extra ultrasound. You may sometimes be a bit insecure when you are just pregnant. Or you just enjoy taking a peek at your child later in your pregnancy. Then a fun ultrasound can give you a good feeling.


  • You already know whether you will be having a boy or girl from 15 weeks of pregnancy.
  • After the 20 week ultrasound, a simple 2D fun ultrasound for extra confirmation.
  • You can get a clear picture of your child, in colour, thanks to 3D and 4D.
  • You are welcome to bring others to share the fun.

When is a fun ultrasound possible?

In principle, you can have a fun ultrasound made during your entire pregnancy. In our ultrasound centre we offer the 2D ultrasound from the 21st week of pregnancy. You can however come to use from the 15th week for a gender determining ultrasound. As your pregnancy progresses and your child gets bigger and rounder, a 3D/4D ultrasound is recommended. This is possible between the 22th and 30th week of your pregnancy. The best time to have this ultrasound is around the 28th week. Later is also possible, but then you often only see parts of your baby. Keep in mind that a fun ultrasound sometimes is not successful, because the baby is just not properly in the picture, for example. Of course we do our utmost to offer you a beautiful, successful fun ultrasound.

Ultrasound Centre SAM& offers various fun ultrasounds:

Gender determining ultrasound

2D ultrasound

3D/4D ultrasound

Would you like to know if you are having a boy or a girl? From the 15th week of your pregnancy we can do a 2D gender determining ultrasound. At the end of this you will receive 2 black/white photos.

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Are you curious and would you like to take a quick peek at your baby? Then you are welcome for a 2D ultrasound from the 21st week of your pregnancy. After this you will receive 2 black/white photos.

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Would you like to see live what is happening in your belly? Then a 3D/4D ultrasound is an exceptional experience. Possible between the 22th and 30th week of your pregnancy but the most beautiful images can be captured around the 28th week.  At the end of this you will receive 2 black/white photos.

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What does a fun ultrasound cost?

A fun ultrasound is performed for your own pleasure. Because it does not involve a medical indication, your health care insurer will not reimburse this ultrasound from the basic insurance. Would you like to have a fun ultrasound done at Ultrasound Centre SAM&? You can view a clear overview of the costs here.

Want to enjoy a fun ultrasound in Amstelveen? Make an appointment right away

You are also more than welcome at Ultrasound Centre SAM& for a fun ultrasound. You can find us in Amstelland Hospital in Amstelveen (follow route C yellow). One of our expert ultrasound technicians will be happy to receive you in our peaceful ultrasound room. We will look at your baby together in a relaxed atmosphere. You can easily make an appointment on-line.

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We are part of the Bewonder Bij quality mark. The affiliated echo centers guarantee that what you can expect: the best pre-ultrasounds in a relaxed atmosphere, with plenty of attention for the well-being of you and your unborn baby.

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