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Early ultrasound with medical indication

It can be quite stressful when you have just found out you are pregnant. You may have some concerns because you have experienced some blood loss or if you have had a miscarriage before. These concerns are very understandable. Sometimes your midwife or gynaecologist will refer you for a vitality ultrasound. During this ultrasound we will mainly check if the baby has a heart beat. Are you not eligible for a vitality ultrasound, but will it give you piece of mind to see your unborn child? Then you can also come to us for a fun ultrasound.

When do we perform the vitality ultrasound?

When you are between the 7th and 10th week of your pregnancy. We usually do the vitality ultrasound with an internal ultrasound (vaginal), because at this stage of your pregnancy the embryo is usually still too small to see through the abdomen. To get a good impression, we advise you to come with a full bladder. We also recommend that you leave any possible other children at home. This is not only more comfortable for you, but should you unexpectedly receive bad news, then the children will not hear this right away. Would you like to be well prepared? Then check out our tips for your appointment at Ultrasound Centre SAM&.

What do we look at during the vitality ultrasound?

During the vitality ultrasound we check the ‘vitality’ of your baby. We check if the heart is beating and check a few more things. We check:

  • if the heart is beating
  • if you are perhaps pregnant with twins
  • whether the pregnancy is definitely in the womb

If we see that the heart beats well and the embryo develops well, then the chance of a miscarriage drops from around 10% to around 1-3%. This is of course great to know.

What about the costs and reimbursement?

You do not pay for this vitality ultrasound. Because it is a medical ultrasound your health care insurer will reimburse the costs from the basic health care insurance. You do however need a reference. This ultrasound takes about fifteen minutes and is done in 2D. You will receive 2 black/white photos of your unborn baby. Would you enjoy seeing your baby more often during the pregnancy? Consider having a fun ultrasound performed at Ultrasound Centre SAM&.

Would you like a Vitality ultrasound performed in Amstelveen? Make an appointment right away

Do you have a referral for a vitality ultrasound and would you like this performed in Amstelveen? Then you can go to Ultrasound Centre SAM& in the Amstelland Hospital (route C yellow). Obviously in a calm and relaxed environment. The referrer can send us the request for the examination via our secure system. We will then call you as quickly as possible for an appointment.

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