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Would you like to have a medical ultrasound or fun ultrasound made in the Amstelveen region? Then you are in good hands with the experienced ultrasound technicians from Ultrasound Centre SAM&. You are very welcome in our pleasant rooms in Amstelland Hospital. Also read the detailed information about medical ultrasounds and fun ultrasounds and make an appointment.

It is nice if you know what you can expect from the appointment. We are happy to give you a few tips. Do you have any questions? Then please contact us.

General tips for your appointment

  • You can find our Ultrasound Centre in Amstelland Hospital. You don't have to report to the hospital itself and you can walk straight through to Ultrasound Centre SAM&, follow route C yellow.
  • Take a seat in our waiting room. You do not have to report to us, the ultrasound technician will come and get you.
  • It is important that you bring a valid identity card.
  • Are you pregnant with twins or triplets? Tell us when making the appointment, then we will schedule extra time for you.
  • We request that you arrive on time for your appointment, preferably 5 minutes before the start.
  • You can give the possible registration form (referral) to the ultrasound technician.
  • We do our utmost to help you at the agreed time, keep in mind that a consultation may run a little late due to circumstances.
  • Are you running late for an appointment? Then the ultrasound technician will check if your ultrasound can continue, otherwise we will make a new appointment.
  • Can you not make it? Then it is important to cancel 24 hours prior to the appointment (by telephone or by e-mail). If we can no longer schedule another client, we are forced to charge the reserved time.
  • We ask you, if applicable, to pay in advance before an ultrasound, so that we can start the ultrasound undisturbed afterwards.
  • With us you can only pay with a debit or credit card. You cannot pay with American Express.
  • Do you have a belly button ring? This can damage our equipment, we ask you to remove the piercing at home.
  • Are you allergic to latex? Then report this to the ultrasound technician prior to the ultrasound.
  • We ask that you put your mobile phone on silent.
  • You will receive one or more photos of your unborn child after the ultrasound. It is good to know that laminating will irreversibly damage the photo.
  • In our ultrasound centre we regularly supervise students who are following an ultrasound training. They participate in the examination or carry out the examination under the supervision of the ultrasound technician. Do you object to this? Please inform the ultrasound technician.

Filming in the ultrasound room

Filming in the ultrasound room is only allowed after consultation with the ultrasound technician. He or she will inform you when is the best time to film. Often this is at the end of the examination. During a medical ultrasound it is not desirable to film. If you film at the agreed time, the following is still important. The ultrasound technician may not be in the image and you may not record sound, without the explicit consent of the ultrasound technician. We assume that you respect the ultrasound technicians right to privacy. If this is not the case, the ultrasound technician may terminate the examination.

Having a medical ultrasound performed: tips

  • A full bladder is handy for all ultrasounds that we perform between the 10 th and 15th week of your pregnancy. Empty your bladder 30 minutes before the appointment and then drink another glass of water. This allows the ultrasound technician to better visualize your child.
  • In principle an ultrasound at an early stage of pregnancy (up to 10 weeks) is always internal (vaginal), unless the ultrasound technician decides otherwise. The ultrasound technician will assess which ultrasound (internal or external) will give the best results and discuss this with you prior to the examination.
  • With medical ultrasounds you are not allowed to take children to the ultrasound room. We have a number of reasons for this. The ultrasound room is dark, your children might experience this as unpleasant or become bored. You and your partner will not be able to view the images relaxed and listen to the explanations. It can also influence the quality of the examination, since the ultrasound technician cannot concentrate optimally. We could also possibly pick up an abnormality. You will hear this during the research and it will raise questions and emotions. We know from experience that it is not good for anyone if children are involved.
  • You can take maximum 2 adults to a medical ultrasound.
  • After the medical ultrasound, you will receive one or more photos of your child. Other recordings are not possible with these ultrasound.

Having a fun ultrasound performed: tips

  • Consider carefully whether you want to take children to the fun ultrasound. We have no options to look after children during the ultrasound.
  • A full bladder is handy for all ultrasounds that we perform between the 10 th and 15th week of your pregnancy. Empty your bladder 30 minutes before the appointment and then drink another glass of water. This allows the ultrasound technician to better visualize your child.
  • It is always possible that the fun ultrasound does not work, because your baby is not in good position, for example. In that case we will make a new appointment for you as a favour, with the 3D/4D ultrasound you pay a small fee of € 15.00.

Quality of the appointment and complaints

  • We would like to know what you think of Ultrasound Centre SAM& and keep our quality high. That's why we ask for your e-mail address and send you a survey after you visit our ultrasound centre. Obviously, completing this survey is on a voluntary basis.
  • Are you still not satisfied with something? Tell us so we can find a solution together. Read more about our service and complaints procedure

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