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Are you just as curious?

You have already had the term ultrasound. So you already had a look at the beating heart and your pregnancy is feeling very real now. In this phase you will probably be fantasizing about names and you may really want to know the gender of your child. A gender determination ultrasound is intended for this: you find out if you are carrying a girl or a boy. A great moment to take a peek.

Gender determination at the right time

You can go to Centre Sam for various fun ultrasounds. To determine the gender of your child you will have to have a little patience. When is this possible? We offer this ultrasound from the 14th week, but preferably the 15th week. Of course you can find centres that offer gender determination from 13 weeks. The best possible quality and reliability is a priority to us. We can only really get a good image of your baby from the 14th or 15th week and by then the external genitals have developed. You can only really have 100% certainty after birth, but from this point on the ultrasound technician can be pretty certain about it. Keep in mind that a fun ultrasound sometimes is not successful, because the baby is just not properly in the picture, for example Of course we do our utmost to offer you a beautiful, successful fun ultrasound.

The gender determining ultrasound at Ultrasound Centre SAM&

For this fun ultrasound you make an appointment at Ultrasound Centre SAM&, a nice location where the atmosphere is relaxed. The gender determining ultrasound is clearly aimed at determining the gender of your child. Extra nice is that you can visualize everything nicely in this period. So you also see how your child moves (or sleeps) in your belly, you see the heart beating and you get a photo as a reminder.

Costs of gender determining

Our gender determining ultrasound is always in 2D and takes approximately 15 minutes. The costs of gender determination are only € 45.00 (incl. VAT). This includes 4 black/white photos of your child. Do you also want to receive the images on a USB stick? That is possible for an additional € 2.50.

Gender determining ultrasound in Amstelveen? Make an appointment right away

You are also more than welcome at Ultrasound Centre SAM& for this fun ultrasound. You can find us in Amstelland Hospital in Amstelveen (follow route C yellow). One of our expert ultrasound technicians will be happy to receive you in the peaceful ultrasound room. You look at your baby in a relaxed way and discover whether you are expecting a boy or a girl. You can easily make an appointment on-line.

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