If you decided to take part in the screening, this means that your data will be used.
This data is needed in order to make a diagnosis and possibly offer treatment. It is also used to ensure the quality of care.
The data is recorded in a database called Peridos.
This is a system that all healthcare providers who are involved in prenatal screening in the Netherlands make use of.
However, only providers who are involved in your screening can see your data.
The system is fully protected to ensure your privacy.
The regional centre can also access your data in Peridos.
The regional centre coordinates the screening program and monitors the quality of the implementation of all the healthcare providers involved.
It has authority from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS – Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport) for this. The screening must comply with national standards.
The regional centre monitors the quality, among other things, on the basis of the data in Peridos. The providers are also engaged in quality control.
Therefore, at times they need to compare data.
Your healthcare provider can give you more information about protecting your data.
If you wish, all your personal information can be removed from Peridos after the screening. You need to let your healthcare provider know if this is your wish.

Scientific research

Only your healthcare providers and the regional centre have access to your personal data. 
For statistics, for example the number of pregnant women who use the prenatal screening, only anonymous data is used.
This means that the data cannot be in any way attributed to you as a person. Not even by those who draw up the statistics.
This also applies for scientific research. In order to continue to improve prenatal screening, scientific research is necessary.
This almost always takes place with the use of anonymous data.
There are as many precautionary measures in place as possible to ensure that the data is not traceable to you or your child.
In exceptional circumstance, identifiable information is needed for scientific research. Would you rather your data not be used in such an exceptional case? 
Then let your healthcare provider know.
Naturally, your decision has no bearing on the way you will be treated during or after the screening.

Privacy policy

Our data is submitted to the national data bank Peridos.
You can lodge an objection to this.
You can find the detailed privacy policy about prenatal screening on the rivm website.

Privacy policy STBN

From 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) shall apply. As of this date, privacy legislation shall be the same throughout the European Union. The GDPR ensures better protection of personal data in the European Union and tightens privacy regulations. This regulation will replace the European privacy directive and all national legislation. Interested in more information? Please see our privacy policy.


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