Register via the website

To arrange an ultrasound, we prefer that you register via our website. Once our assistants have received your details, they will telephone you. The call back times are the same as the telephone office hours.

If you are expecting twins, please let the assistant know as we book a double appointment for you.

Telephone office hours | 020-6400810

Monday to Thursday 8.30 – 11.30. If you don’t get through immediately, it means that we are on a call.

What information do we need from you?

Whether registering via our website or on the telephone, we require the following information:

  • Name (note: we work with your maiden name), address details and date of birth
  • Insurance details and BSN-number (burgerservicenummer)
  • An email address to send confirmation of appointment
  • The date of the first day of your last menstruation, or the due date calculated at an initial ultrasound
  • Name of your midwifery practice or gynaecologist
  • Which ultrasound you would like to have performed
  • If you are making an appointment for the combined test or nuchal translucency (NT) scan, we need the date your blood test was carried out at the Amstellandziekenhuis laboratory

Ultrasound hours of operation

We perform ultrasounds on work days (Monday to Friday during office hours) and at limited times in the evening. The laboratory is open during office hours every work day.

We always do our best to help you at the appointed time. However, it is possible that an appointment may run over time if abnormalities are suspected. We ask you to take this into account.

When calling for an appointment at short notice, you have less choice in terms of day and time. Our advice is to call as early as possible to arrange your appointment. You can contact us for an appointment as soon as you have received a referral from your midwife or doctor.

What should I bring to the examination?

You received a referral form ('SAM& Echoformulier') from you midwife or gynaecologist for the ultrasound.

They will have filled in the form for you and gone through it with you.

This form is to be handed to your sonographer.

We also ask you to bring a valid ID to the appointment.

Please remove your belly button ring or any piercing on the abdomen region.

Keep the photos from your ultrasound on a SAM& USB

Would you like to keep a digital copy of the photos that we take during the ultrasound?

We can save these photos for you on a USB stick. We use only our own USB sticks as these are suitable for capturing the images from the ultrasound device. *

A USB stick with the photos that we take during the ultrasound costs €2.50 and you can pay for this by debit or credit card prior to the ultrasound.

* Patients of the midwifery practice, Aalsmeer, can bring the USB stick that they received there to SAM& to have the photos saved.
* It is not possible to save photos from previous ultrasounds.

Children are not allowed to be present at the ultrasound

When performing a medical ultrasound, the sonographer needs to concentration hard. The procedure takes place in a quiet, dark room and lasts 30 – 45 minutes. It is a major challenge for children to sit still for this long. In addition, the ultrasound room is equipped with costly medical equipment. For these reasons, children are not permitted in the ultrasound room. We ask, therefore, that you make timely arrangements for childcare.

Filming in the ultrasound room

Filming in the ultrasound room is only permitted after discussion with the sonographer. They will advise of the best time to film. This is usually at the end of the procedure. During a medical examination (medical ultrasound), filming is not desirable.
If you start filming at the agreed time, the sonographer must not appear on the film and also no sound may be recorded, without the express permission of the sonographer.
We assume that you will respect the privacy of the sonographer. If not, the sonographer reserves the right to cease the procedure.


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