Ultrasound on request or ultrasound for fun

The first trimester ultrasound, the nuchal translucency (NT) scan and the 20-week scan (SEO) are medical examinations. The sonographer needs time and concentration to make a proper assessment. The goal of these examinations is to provide answers about the health of your baby. The examinations do not lend themselves to having a recording made for you to take home.

We do offer the possibility of having an ultrasound for fun made:
- From 15 weeks of pregnancy, you can visit us for a gender determination (€ 45,-). You receive the pictures on a USB stick to take home (€ 2,50).
- After the 20-week scan (SEO), you can visit us to have an ultrasound for fun made (€ 45,-) , and you can choose to have the images saved on a USB. We make these ultrasounds in two-dimensional black and white images.
- It is also possible to have a 3/4D ultrasound performed by us (€ 105,-). The most beautiful images are made between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy. You receive the images on a USB with sound and some photos.

Gender determination *

Is your baby a boy or girl? This is your chance to find out!
From 15 weeks of pregnancy, you can visit us for an ultrasound where we can tell the gender. The ultrasound takes approximately 15 minutes and costs €45.00. You receive the images on a USB stick (€ 2,50).

 2-D ultrasound *

From 20 weeks of pregnancy, it is possible to have an ultrasound for fun (€ 45,-) and to make a recording on USB of your child (€ 10,-). You receive a USB and two prints to take home. We make these ultrasounds in two dimensional black and white images with sound. We can make an appointment for this after you have been for your 20-week scan (SEO). It costs €45.00 incl. btw and exluded the USB. This can be paid by debit card at our practice.

3/4D ultrasound *

A 3/4D ultrasound can be made after the 20-week scan (SEO). The best time is between 24 and 28 weeks, but it is possible to 30 weeks of pregnancy. Then the baby has enough subcutaneous fat on its cheeks to see who it looks like.

With a multiple pregnancy, it is best to make a 3/4D ultrasound at approximately 15 weeks. The babies can then still be seen on one screen.

A 3/4D ultrasound costs €105.00. This can be paid by debit card at our practice. You will receive a USB with moving images and narration. You will also receive a number of prints.

The quality of the 3/4D ultrasound is determined by a number of factors. This has to do, among other things, with the quantity of amniotic fluid (the more the better), and the amount of tissue (fat) between the probe and the baby. The most important criterion for a good picture is the baby’s position.

The more advanced the pregnancy the harder it is to make beautiful images. So try to plan your 3D ultrasound well in advance. Currently, you can have a 3D ultrasound made on a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and regularly on a Wednesday, depending on availability.

We alternate the images between 2D and 3/4D.

Would you like to come back another time for a 3/4D ultrasound, because the baby’s position was not good, or you were not satisfied with the images? That’s possible for the reduced rate of €15.00.

Extras to order with your ultrasound for fun:

• Save all the photos and moving images on a USB stick €2.50 (64MB) of € 7.50 (4GB)
We use only our own USB sticks. These USB sticks are suitable for use with the ultrasound device.

• 5 extra prints €2.50

* ‘Ultrasound for fun' suggests you are looking at your child just for fun. But it is possible that during such an ultrasound an abnormality comes to light. It is impossible, and undesirable, for the sonographer not to mention any such findings to you.


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