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The staff from ultrasound center SAM& consists of professional ultrasound technicians. Thanks to their extensive experience and current knowledge, you can go to them for both medical ultrasounds and fun ultrasounds. In addition, our practice assistants are ready to support and welcome you. We look forward to seeing you in our ultrasound center at Amstelland Hospital. 

Akke Buursma_Centrum manager_SAM&

Akke - Centermanager

I'm Akke. married and proud mother of two children. I have worked in financial services for a long time and after a sabbatical I got the chance to work at SAM &. I have been the Center Manager for over a year now. Working with a small professional team, the versatility of the work and the collaboration with colleagues from STBN and the referrers make the work very varied and fascinating.

Deborah Maks_ Senior echoscopist

Deborah - Senior ultrasound technician

My name is Deborah, I am the mother of 2 beautiful daughters. I think midwifery is a beautiful subject. I worked as a specialist nurse in the delivery room for 15 years and then made the switch to ultrasound. The profession gives me a lot of satisfaction. I think it is wonderful to portray a child nicely for the expectant parents. Giving clear & expert information during the screening is also important to me. In addition to my work as an ultrasound technician, I am also involved in internal quality issues within SAM&. I also supervise interns in the training to become an ultrasound technician.

Didi Que_Echoscopist

Didi - Ultrasound technician

My name is Didi and I live in Amsterdam. Since 2015 I have been an ultrasound technician at SAM&. Before I started the training, I worked in a radiology department for five years. The combination of the personal contact with the pregnant woman and her partner and the technical side make my job incredibly fun! I think it is important to take the pregnant with her in the ultrasound and I like to take the time to explain what we are looking at..

Fijke-Frouk Smeding_Echoscopist

Fijke - Ultrasound technician

My name is Fijke-Frouk, I was born and raised in Friesland and the mother of two children. After my training as a midwife, ultrasound seemed like a nice addition. It is wonderful to see the wonder, astonishment and emotion of the parents when they can see their baby. The gratitude and enthusiasm of the parents with beautiful images of their child, that's what I do it for!

Faridi – Ultrasound technician

I am Faridi, born and raised in Paramaribo, Suriname. At the age of 20 I came to the Netherlands to continue my studies. I then started the MBRT (Medical Imaging and Radiotherapeutic Techniques) training. I was looking for further education, in which I had more contact with patients who did not come due to illness. That is how I ended up as an ultrasound technician. As an ultrasound technician you bring good news more often than bad news, that really appeals to me. A special moment that will always stay with me? The tears of happiness of a client who was spontaneously pregnant after many fertility tests and more than 10 miscarriages.

Evelien Coppens_Echoscopist

Evelien – Ultrasound technician

My name is Evelien Coppens, born and raised in Alkmaar. In 2005 I graduated as an obstetrician. In 2009 I also started to specialize in ultrasound. As an observer I work in holidays, in sickness and leave for SAM&. It is very special to be part of an important event in the lives of future parents. In addition to carefully screening an unborn child, I also try to explain clearly what I see and assess. I enjoy working both as an obstetrician and as an ultrasound technician. I try to combine the knowledge from both subjects as well as possible.

Jitske – Practice assistant

My name is Jitske and I work as a practice assistant at SAM&. I have worked as a social worker for a long time and since a few years have made the switch to care. The ins and outs of our practice, the contact with our clients and the challenges that come our way make every day different and dynamic for me.

Anita - Practice assistant

My name is Anita, my husband and I have three sons and my own company. Since April 2017 I also work for SAM & as a practice assistant. Working at SAM& is never the same for one day and I like that very much. This variety, the contact with clients and the cooperation with all colleagues make the work very much fun for me.

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