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Ultrasound centre SAM& is the prenatal screening centre for Amstelveen and surrounding areas. Whether you are in need of a medical ultrasound or a fun ultrasound, you have come to the right place for a prenatal ultrasound. SAM stands for Screening Centre Amstelland-Meerlanden. The & is the sign of the collaboration between five midwifery practices and Amstelland Hospital. For medical ultrasounds you always need a referral from a midwife or gynaecologist. Would you like to have a fun ultrasound done? Then make an appointment right away, without a referral.

Collaboration with midwives, district Amstelveen

Currently, the following practices refer to our ultrasound centre:

Collaboration with hospitals

For consultation, information exchange and referral, we work as Ultrasound Centre with:

Collaboration with STBN Foundation

Ultrasound Centre SAM& is part of the STBN Foundation. STBN is committed to a healthy organization of birth care in the Netherlands. As an entrepreneurial consultancy and project organization, we help chain partners to organize smartly. We like to think along with others who have the best intentions when it comes to birth care.

STBN is a non-profit foundation. Innovation is a key concept for STBN. We closely follow developments in birth care, help turn plans into concrete actions, stimulate innovation, advise and participate in new care concepts. We dare to stick our necks out with our partners when a good idea is involved.

STBN advises birth care professionals on cooperation and innovation and specializes in setting up ideals in care concepts that work.

Make an appointment right away

The team of Ultrasound Centre SAM& team welcomes you to the Amstelland Hospital. You can see your baby here in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Make an appointment right away.

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