The main entrance of the Amstelland hospital is closed. Please enter the hospital through the Emergency entrance (Spoedpost). The procedure to enter the hospital will take 15 minutes.
Please arrive in time.

Corona policy Screeningcenter SAM&
Due to Corona we are forced to perform only the medical ultrasound scans (periodical ultrasound scans, twenty-weeks ultrasound scans or ultrasound scans on indication by your midwife). The non-medical ultrasound scans will be or have already been cancelled.
These guidelines are at least until 6 April.
In addition to this: only the pregnant woman is welcome at the ultrasound scans. Unfortunately partners, children, friends or others are no longer allowed in the echocenter. In the interest of the health of our clients and our employees, we will be strict in this.
Via FaceTime or other media you can follow the ultrasound scan from a distance.

We also ask to keep the following in mind:
• Be on time (not too early and not late for your appointment) to prevent that too many people are at one time in the waiting room.
• Reschedule your appointment if: you have a cold, a soar throat, or a temperature of up to 38 degrees Celsius or if you have been in contact with someone who is infected with the Coronavirus; consult us or your midwife in case of doubt.
• Until 6 April usb sticks will not be used; we will print more photo’s.

Of course we follow the advice and guidelines of RIVM:
• No handshake
• Wash hands regularly
• Sneeze and cough in your elbow
• Use paper towels

Thanks for your understanding