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To make it possible for everyone to have a measurement of the abdominal aorta, SAM & cooperates with the Aorta Foundation.

AAA-quickscan for seniors?

This is a simple ultrasound measurement of the abdominal artery. This ultrasound is mainly known for its use in pregnancy control. The same technique is used to make the unborn child and the womb visible. An ultrasound examination is completely harmless and you hardly feel anything about it. You lie on a research bench, where only your belly needs to be exposed. For a good measurement result, a gel is used as a contact between the ultrasound head and the abdomen.

Important to know for your AAA-quickscan

In order to be able to carry out the examination properly, it is beneficial if you prefer to be sober or have used a light meal beforehand.

The examination takes about fifteen minutes and you get the results immediately to discuss with your doctor if necessary.

How much does a AAA-quickscan cost?

The costs are approximately € 45 and are currently not (yet) reimbursed by health insurance.

Other information regarding the AAA-quickscan

In some cases (1 to 2%), the aorta cann't be measured or can be poorly measured in the case of an ultrasound examination, for example due to the presence of intestinal gas or obesity. In that case you can consult your doctor to get a referral to a hospital to be able to measure the aorta in the abdomen in a different way.

About the Aorta foundation Aortastichting             

The Aorta Foundation promotes the interests of patients with aneurysm of the body artery in the abdomen, with the medical term aneurysm aorta abdominalis (abbreviated AAA) and has been specially set up to prevent unnecessary deaths from tearing such aneurysm in the Netherlands.

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